Luck of the Irish!!!

Shamus and Finn napping in the warm sun.


Pupdate  September 2015

The family  love Shamus so much they are getting him a baby brother to play with! 

​​What our new parents have had to say about us!

"I have three big dog beds but he prefers to follow Kiki around and cuddle with her. So cute!"

G.M. in Salt Lake City Utah

"She and Roxy are really getting along well. .They take turns running after fallen oranges in the yard, Maggie has been wonderful!"

R.S. in Mesa Arizona

"He is doing great, he quickly figured out the pet door and going outside, he is very smart! He has trained me to keep the closet door shut, went to the vet and he is perfect. I consider him a great gift and am thankful to be able to have him."

R.K. in Twin Falls Idaho 

Pupdate November 2015

I just wanted to update you on Shey, he is doing excellent and now weights 65 pounds. We took a off leash obedience course, 2 hours every Saturday and 1 hour everyday for nine weeks!  He did excellent, now he heels, sits, stays, down, comes, with hand signals or voice commands, all off leash!  
He did excellent!  He hunted and found them, let me shoot over him, and then he found the down birds in very heavy cover!
He loves to go camping and fishing and hunting and of course our daily walks, he helps me do everything! He is a true joy to have and everyone loves Shey!

"She is doing great!..getting along with everyone just fine and is doing normal puppy things such as sneaking shoes out of bedrooms and chewing everything in sight! We just love her so much, she is our wild thang :)   "

K.H. in Utah

"He is a lover and just wants to be close to us! I am attaching a few pictures for you to enjoy, and thank you again for choosing us as Shamus's forever home!"

L.E. in Green River Wyoming

“She's my new fishing partner….. Probably be lost without her!”

J.L. in Riverdale Utah

Pupdate 2015

Maggie on her first hunting trip. Didn't find any birds but she seems like a natural. She found out that jack rabbits CAN outrun her and that cows are REALLY big.

"You sent us a great gift! Beautiful and smart. He has such enthusiasm! Thank you!"

M.T. in New Mexico