Magenta is the small one in

the litter and a personal

favorite of mine. She wants

nothing more that a soft

warm cuddle. She will watch you intently while you talk to her then nibble and lick your chin. It will be very hard to let this one go.

Yellow is a very active little fellow and will

ruff and tumble with the best of them. I see

this one running in the woods.

Brown and Black are two little boys who are the largest puppies in the litter. They tend to be quiet but demand attention with their sweet faces.  Brown has gone to California to be with his new family! Black will be leaving soon for New Mexico to live on  a ranch!





As I write this , Orange has made a beeline to his mother. Unwittingly this route took him right through the center of the water bowl! Perhaps he will be our class clown, there is one in every litter!

Update Jan 2015:  Orange has moved in with his new people in Sugarhouse Utah! They think he is fabulous!

Here we see the three little girls

having their first solid food, which was a huge hit. You can see brother Dk. Blue on the right. He is an extroverted sort. He was the first pup to wag his tail and bark! Dk. Green is very similar and usually greets you with a baby bark as well.

Lt. Green is a rather vocal little guy always so happy to come visit. He will be going to Idaho!

Lt. Blue is one of those brothers mentioned, he tends to be quiet till the food arrives, then watch out!.

Beware of Cuteness Overloads!

This litter of 8 boys and 3 girls was born November 14th, 2014.

Pink is a healthy girl who isn't afraid to stand up to her

bigger brothers. She loves to be held and will tell you so!